Welcome to Sterling Fibers!

Sterling Fibers started in 1957 as the acrylic fiber plant for American Cyanamid focusing on textile end uses such as carpet, sweaters, socks, and blankets. Today the focus is on modifying fiber architecture for specialty applications in friction materials, gaskets, specialty papers, conductive, and stucco. Headquartered in Pace, Florida within a 1200 acre industrial park, Sterling is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with a commitment to the philosophies of Total Quality Management, Continuous Improvement, Employee Health and Safety, and Environmental Awareness.

Our Technical Fibers business starts with our Acrylic Fiber technology base combined with an Engineered Materials approach. We offer a high degree of Technical Support, and many of our products are lower cost alternatives to Aramid fibers in Friction Material, Gasket, Specialty Paper and Nonwoven, and Fiber Reinforced Material applications. Our Customer Service and Technical personnel are available to assist you in finding solutions for your company’s needs.

Key brands


Fibrillated Fiber High Efficiency Binder


Acrylic Based Conductive Fiber